Vertical box

On this page, the ASA 2 managed template “Vertical_box” is used. This template has a narrow design optimized to use in column layouts, tables or sidebars. It is inspired by the “Text and Image” type of Amazon’s link builder.


This first example is built with the following shortcode:

Main features

  • Optimized for column layouts, tables or sidebars
  • Customizable without programming skills


On ASA 2’s admin page “Templates” you can customize the general options of template “Vertical_box“. These settings will effect every usage of this template.

Shortcode options

Besides the general settings, it is possible to overwrite template options per shortcode.

For example, to use a lightbox image effect instead of the globally configured imgpreview effect, this shortcode would make the difference:

Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide

Or to change the title color, use option “title_color”:

Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide

Option Type Values Description
align string
  • "none" (None)
  • "left" (Left)
  • "center" (Center)
  • "right" (Right)
button_target string
  • "shop" (Shop page)
  • "buy" (Buy page)
Button target
image_effect string
  • "0" (None, no linking at all)
  • "lightbox" (Add lightbox tag and link to large version)
  • "imgpreview" (Image preview to large version on mouse hover)
  • "link_to_shoppage" (Image links to shop page)
Image effect
title_link_to_shop_page bool "yes" / "no" Title links to shop page
title_color string CSS compatible color value, like hex values (#ff0000) or color names (red) Title color
disclaimer string
  • "none" (None)
  • "asterisk_and_text" (Asterisk in title link and button. Disclaimer text in each template.)
  • "asterisk_only" (Asterisk in title link and button. No disclaimer text.)

More examples

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